Communicate During School Emergencies and Drills

Real-Time Emergency Attendance. No App Downloads Required.

Speed Up Fire Drills By 50%

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Real-Time Emergency Attendance. No App Downloads Required.

Ruvna replaces your paper and clipboard rosters during emergencies.

Safer Code-Red Drills

Account for your students

Seamless SIS Integration

Ruvna works with your existing SIS programs, access control systems, and attendance platforms.

Single Sign-On Support

Ruvna works with your existing SSO technologies so teachers can use their existing school login credentials with Ruvna.

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Make your school safer today

  • “Ruvna Smartphone App Wants To Protect Schools in Shootings”
  • “The guys from Ruvna were passionate about their project and bringing it to market”
    LARGO Security Consulting
  • “A product that easily allows teachers and school administrators to account for students in the case of a school emergency.”
  • “Ruvna Takes Clipboards Out of School Emergencies”
    EdTech Times

Complete accountability during school emergencies.

Understand where every student is during

  • Lockdowns/Active Shooter Scenarios
  • Code Reds
  • Fire Drills
  • Evacuations
  • Bomb Threats

 NO required app downloads

Make your school safer with just a web browser.

 NO student interaction

Let Ruvna protect your students from Pre-K through 12th grade during school emergencies and drills. Teachers use Ruvna to check-in students, no student interaction required.

Speed Up Your Fire Drills By Up To 50%

Regain valuable instruction time

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