Communicate During School Emergencies and Drills

Complete accountability during school emergencies.

Understand where every student is during

  • Lockdowns/Active Shooter Scenarios
  • Code Reds
  • Fire Drills
  • Evacuations
  • Bomb Threats

 NO required app downloads

Make your school safer with just a web browser.

 NO student interaction

Let Ruvna protect your students from Pre-K through 12th grade during school emergencies and drills. Teachers use Ruvna to check-in students, no student interaction required.

Speed Up Your Fire Drills By Up To 50%

Regain valuable instruction time

  • “Ruvna Smartphone App Wants To Protect Schools in Shootings”
  • “The guys from Ruvna were passionate about their project and bringing it to market”
    LARGO Security Consulting
  • “A product that easily allows teachers and school administrators to account for students in the case of a school emergency.”
  • “Ruvna Takes Clipboards Out of School Emergencies”
    EdTech Times

Ruvna replaces your paper and clipboard rosters during emergencies.

Real-Time Emergency Attendance.

1. Teachers Take Attendance

Using any internet-connected device, teachers use Ruvna to take roll of their students during an emergency, crisis, or drill.

2. Flag Students Which Need Attention

If a student needs attention for any reason during an emergency, Ruvna notifies the proper faculty in real-time.

3. Administrators See Who Remains

Get a live bird’s-eye-view of exactly which students are safe, who still needs to be found, and anyone that requires attention.

4. Analyze Data & Improve

Identify critical bottlenecks in emergency procedures with Ruvna to make sure your school is as safe as possible.

Seamless SIS Integration

Ruvna works with your existing SIS programs, access control systems, and attendance platforms.

Single Sign-On Support

Ruvna works with your existing SSO technologies so teachers can use their existing school login credentials with Ruvna.

Faculty-Wide Messaging

Use Ruvna during emergencies and drills to communicate vital information to your entire staff, out of the box.

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