Locate Students in Real-Time
During Emergencies

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Bring Ruvna to Your School

Teachers take attendance.
Administrators immediately see who remains.

No Mobile App Required.

  • Locate Students

    Teachers check-in students they have, including any extra students they picked up.

  • Target Attention

    Administrators and teachers note any students that need special attention, allowing the school to react quickly.

  • Follow in Real-Time

    Ruvna's unique technology allows schools to get automatic updates in real-time.

Emergencies Happen

There have been over 170 school shootings since 2013.

During an emergency, schools must know where their students are. Currently, there is no quick or accurate way to do this. Schools cannot see which students are safe and which need attention.

Ruvna enables schools to see exactly which students are safe with staff and which students have not yet been found.

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Simple Onboarding

Ruvna's emergency software is set up easily with no headaches involved.

Seemless SIS Integration
Ruvna integrates with schools' existing SIS programs, access control, and attendance platforms. From these existing systems, Ruvna automatically collects the necessary information to work during emergencies.
Teachers shouldn’t be required to download software onto their own smartphone, and during an emergency devices can break. Ruvna has a fully complete web-app that allows any internet-connected device to check-in students.
Ruvna works with existing SSO technologies, so teachers can use their existing school login credentials with Ruvna.

Ruvna Makes Emergency Attendance Easy During Lockdowns.

Identifying which students are where, and who might need help, is critical to ensuring student safety. During code-reds, lockdowns, active intruders, bomb threats, and more, students are not always in their expected locations and it can be difficult or impossible to travel between classrooms.

  • When a lockdown starts, teachers use Ruvna to easily check-in the students they have, including any extra students they might have. Students not in their assigned classroom can be checked-in by any faculty member. In real-time, both the administration and the student’s assigned teacher know the student is safely with a staff member.
  • Messages can be sent to quickly update relevant parties, and students can be flagged to receive immediate attention.
  • Ruvna enables administrators, law enforcement, and first responders to know which students need help during an emergency, not after.

Clipboards Have No Place With Attendance.

During an evacuation, using paper and clipboards to keep track of students doesn’t cut it. The complexity of emergency protocols can make keeping track of students an incredible challenge. Furthermore, without the ability to see which students are accounted for on a school-wide level, identifying students that might still be in the building is a painstakingly slow process.

Ruvna takes the clipboard out of the equation. With our rapid check-in system, administrators can watch in real-time as students are checked-in, allowing them to immediately identify and direct help to the the students still at-risk. Administrators can even view students by meeting point, and send out large alerts and messages to keep staff informed.

Speed Up Drills

Ruvna dramatically speeds up drills for schools, allowing them to get back to teaching. No longer is time spent standing around waiting for roll to be called, or check-in slips to be collected by administrators who are running from site to site scrambling to assemble a coherent list of checked-in students. Using Ruvna, administrators can schedule, run, and analyze a drill, all from the palm of their hand.


Team 1

Joey Nutinsky


Joey is a visionary, educator-focused leader with a passion for all things digital. Joey focuses on bringing Ruvna into the future and growing the company to its maximum potential.

Team 2

Marshall Singer


Marshall is a talented strategist with a passion for people, innovation, and learning. Marshall works on growing Ruvna in all aspects while maintaining the financial health of the company.

Team 3

Jack Ruppel


Jack is a gifted developer and technologist who brings a wealth of experience to the table as Ruvna’s CTO. Jack works tirelessly on the technology that makes the Ruvna experience unparalleled.

Team 3

Eric Huang


Eric is the master of all thing iOS. Controlling Ruvna's iOS app from start to finish, he embodies one of Ruvna's core values: "Make it work, then make it better".