Thanks to technology and our digital interconnectedness, school lockdowns can be more efficiently and effectively coordinated in the face of crisis.

As parents, we don’t want to think about the necessity of school lockdowns in our world today. However, they are critically important when an active threat is present on or nearby school grounds. It’s best for students and teachers to be trained and prepared for the possibility of a school emergency. As Kenneth Trump, president of National School Safety and Security Services, recently stated, “Lockdowns in crisis situations are reliable and proven methods for keeping students and staff safe.”

Here are 5 tips for conducting effectively prepared classroom lockdowns in 2018:

  1. Be prepared for a variety of situations: Active shooters aren’t the only threats to a school ground. It’s better to be prepared for a variety of situations as opposed to the classic singular, lone shooter on the premise. Train children to also prepare for evacuations, explosive threats, natural disasters, and other scenarios.
  2. Versatile lockdown procedures: The Campus Safety Magazine recently published that schools with one singular lockdown procedure are more likely to encounter setbacks during a crisis. Though we may try to expertly predict what could happen, when it comes down to the threat, it’s hard to really pinpoint the problem. It’s important to have multiple lockdown procedures and evacuations in place today.
  3. Beware of codes: When staff is panicked, it can be hard to remember a 4-digit code or color for the specific type of threat. In many cases, administrators accidentally sound the alarm for a lockdown when in reality, they should’ve alerted staff to an impending natural disaster. Instead of requiring staff to memorize codes, it’s worth considering a streamlined technological channel where direct announcements can be texted and sent throughout the school.
  4. Staff-only lockdown drills: The safety of students relies on the ability of staff members during times of crisis. Though it’s incredibly important to practice lockdown drills with the students, staff development and staff-only lockdown drills are just as important. It’s vital to provide staff with the keys and training they need to act swiftly in the face of emergency. As humans, it’s natural for us to panic and fail to perform rational actions when we are scared. If these actions become second nature, like a habit, staff are more likely to perform successfully during the lockdown.
  5. School-wide technology support: Thankfully, we live in 2018, which means we have been afforded the technology we need to track students and communicate in real-time during crisis scenarios. With Ruvna, staff can locate the exact whereabouts of every single student, as well as safely communicate vital information to faculty and administrators in a split second. Time is of the essence when it comes to effective school security.

School Lockdown Procedure in 2018

Despite the media headlines playing into the fear mongering among parents today, thanks to technology and our digital interconnectedness, school lockdowns can be more efficiently and effectively coordinated in the face of crisis.

Consider the benefits of Ruvna when planning out your school’s 2018 lockdown policy.