Schools everywhere are spending summer break improving security – and for good reason! It’s often overlooked that the biggest challenge schools face in succeeding with safety and security software is not which platform to choose, but how to evolve school culture so that if/when a crisis strikes, everyone immediately knows to open up the system, receive instructions, and begin accounting for students. Put simply – having safety processes and tools in place that don’t get used is a huge security risk.

At Ruvna, we work hard to make it so every single staff member understands and is ready to use Ruvna in the event of any emergency or drill, and the best way we do that is with our Ruvna School Safety Training Program.

With Ruvna School Safety Training, our team works directly with faculty to ensure that every single teacher, administrator, and staff member understands how to use Ruvna if a crisis ever strikes. Our onsite training sessions even end with a mock-drill overseen by Ruvna staff, making the transition into a safer school a no-brainer.

In just a few weeks, I will be traveling across the country to work with thousands of teachers in more than a dozen states to make 2018-2019 the safest school year ever – and I want you to join me!

Working directly with the dedicated and driven staff who rely on our technology is one of my favorite parts of being the CEO at Ruvna. I get to see teachers sigh with relief when they realize that Ruvna is always keeping them and their students connected and protected. I listen to discussions between teachers, principals, and administrators, figuring out how best to use the hours of instruction time Ruvna returns by speeding up the numerous drills schools practice. I watch them think through scenarios vital to prepare for in today’s world, like how to take attendance and identify who needs help during active shooters, bomb threats, weather catastrophes, and more.

I’ll be sharing my experiences traveling to schools of all shapes and sizes in the coming weeks with you here, so that you can get a taste for just how easy and rewarding it is to ditch the paper-and-clipboard and turn your school into the safest school possible.