School security is at the top of every newsfeed today. Sadly, there have been over 180 school shootings since 2013. Although it’s not a topic that parents want to consider, much less talk about, it’s a reality that is facing every school district in America right now. Now is the right time to have the school security system discussion, and we’re passionate about sharing information regarding what you can do to be better protected in the future.

What You Can Do

Most schools in our country have security drawbacks; no school or district is perfect, and the best among us are always working to improve. In order to update the system, it needs to be reevaluated, with input from staff, parents, and students. If you’re a school administrator, we recommend you take the following steps for getting the conversation started:

  • Involve Parents: Parents may be flooding your inbox right now, and that’s ok. They are worried about their children. Instead of avoiding them, have parent school security nights at your school. Answer their every question, and consider their suggestions for the school emergency solution. The more you involve everyone, the quicker you will arrive at answers.
  • Counselors: Students are scared, and rightfully so. Make sure your school has enough counselors on staff to work with all students who may want to discuss what has happened. All too often, schools are understaffed in the psychology department – which is critical during a time like now.
  • Talk to Your Students: Students shouldn’t be left in the security system dark. They have to attend your classes, which means they get a say in how they exist each and every day at your institution. Host weekly meetings or study halls they can come and voice their concerns at. Organize student groups that work on the topic weekly, coming up with their own solutions.

How We Can Help

Regardless of preparation, school shootings and other crisis situations are still prevalent and impact school safety greatly. With Ruvna, you can monitor lockdown and active threat situations directly through a mobile device. Take real-time emergency attendance, tracking where each and every student and teacher is when the time comes.

Using Ruvna, teachers can quickly check-in their students so everyone knows that they are safe and accounted for. For students that join a classroom once the lockdown begins, they get checked in as well, alerting the appropriate staff and personnel automatically. Administrators follow the checking in live, aware of who is not yet marked as safe. Within seconds, schools will have taken attendance and be able to act swiftly for the missing students.

Consider proposing Ruvna to your board and school this year. It’s a technological tool that will save lives in the future. Why would you pass up that opportunity?