In this time of national turmoil we want to pause for a moment and reflect. We are deeply saddened and angered by the cruel murder of George Floyd and the murders of countless other black and brown people who died as a result of police brutality.

We’re also inspired by the powerful nationwide protests demanding change, equality, and justice. So much of the power of this movement is in the sheer number of individual voices all shouting the same message. And until we’re loud enough, needless pain, suffering, and death will continue. Let’s make it clear: we’re shouting too, and that the unequivocal position of Ruvna is in support of the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement. Black lives matter. We stand with that phrase and the movement it represents. 

Beyond these murders being morally reprehensible, let us not forget that this company exists to make communities safer and more connected. We’re there for communities when avoidable acts of violence threaten the lives of students. So too must we be there when fixable inequalities in education, policing, and more threaten the lives of people of color. They are both symptoms of systemic injustices plaguing our nation, and they are both central to our company’s mission of making schools and their communities safer. 

Right now, the fight against systemic inequalities across education and the communities we serve is critically important. There are so many organizations doing important work right now, and they need our help. Here are just a few who could use our support: Black Girls Code, The Conscious Kid, and IntegrateNYC

Together we can, and must, work for a better future.


With all of our support,

The Ruvna Team