Live Emergency Attendance

Track students and staff during a crisis.

Replace paper and clipboard emergency rosters with Ruvna to enable seamless communication and accountability.

Made with teachers in mind.

Ruvna is extremely easy to use. During a crisis, teachers won’t have time to figure out a complicated or confusing interface. Ruvna is simple and straightforward for every staff member, even under stress and pressure.

School schedule agnostic.

Staff members always have access to all of their different rosters. No matter what period is running, teachers can always use Ruvna for crisis attendance.

Substitutes sync too.

You can give substitutes access or assign another staff member the responsibility of checking in a substitute’s students. Ruvna has you covered no matter what.

1. Teachers Take Attendance

Using any internet-connected device, teachers use Ruvna to take roll of their students during an emergency, crisis, or drill.

2. Flag Students Who Need Help

If a student needs attention for any reason during an emergency, Ruvna notifies the proper faculty in real-time.

3. Administrators See Who Remains

Get a live birds-eye-view of exactly which students are safe, who still needs to be found, and anyone that requires attention.

4. Analyze Data & Improve

Identify critical bottlenecks in emergency procedures with Ruvna to make sure your school is as safe as possible.

Seamless SIS Integration

Ruvna works with your existing SIS programs, access control systems, and attendance platforms.

Optional daily attendance syncing enables even further safety by automatically accounting for absent students.

Transfer Data To Software

Some systems used by our schools:
Don’t see yours listed? No problem! Ruvna is built to work with any SIS.

Use Any Device, No Downloads Required

Ruvna’s crisis management app is available on any internet connected device without any required downloads. That way, students are no less safe if a user chooses not to install an app on their device.

Whether downloaded or in the browser – Ruvna never uses GPS or location tracking. Safety requires trust, and Ruvna is the most trustworthy school safety app.

Experience Real-Time Accountability

See Ruvna in action