Emergency Notification System

Mass texts and alerts faster than ever before.

Notify everyone with Ruvna.

Ruvna’s advanced technology immediately alerts your entire school so that everyone remains informed during a crisis.

Sync contact information directly from your SIS or Clever, automatically.

Robust & Reliable Alert Delivery:

SMS / Text Messages


Push Notifications

Send alerts that catalyze action, not panic.

During a crisis, communication is key. Ruvna provides rich, two-way alerts, enabling a more informed security response from start to finish.

Account for your entire student body during lockdowns, active shooters, bomb threats, and more
Get notified about injured or ill students immediately and provide proper attention
Get classroom-level data without opening a single door during a shelter-in-place event
Differentiate between missing students and absent students automatically
Safely communicate vital information to all faculty and administrators
Analyze detailed reports after any event to identify procedure bottlenecks

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