Help Students In Need.

Flag students in Ruvna to alert others of the situation. Fast, secure, and easy communication.

Communicate Student Injuries with Medical Staff

Use Ruvna to immediately notify medical personnel when there is a student injury that requires attention. Any faculty member can flag any student as requiring attention, so help is never far away.

Students are unique, so are their needs.

During the chaos of a crisis or a drill, Ruvna makes sure medical needs are not overlooked. Use Ruvna to make sure all students get the medical care they need.

Customize student flags to suit your school

Ruvna comes pre-loaded with “Injury” and “Medical” flags, but your school has the full power to customize your flags to fit your environment.

Within Ruvna, your staff can customize:

  • Flags
    • Customize the list of available statuses to apply during a crisis or drill
    • Have as many statuses as needed
  • Display Options
    • You can set each flag to display in a custom fashion, complete with a custom color.

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