Panic Buttons for Every Teacher

Ruvna makes sure your staff can get help quickly, safely, & accurately. Anywhere.

Ruvna gives teachers an easy, ready, mobile panic button to send rapid alerts if they encounter a crisis, emergency, or need assistance.

Teachers can use any phone, tablet, or computer (no app downloads required) to send a PANIC signal whenever they need assistance. With Ruvna, help is just a button-press away.

Teachers are always moving, so is Ruvna.

No matter where a teacher is when they see an emergency, they can send a PANIC signal within Ruvna to get help immediately.

Safer & Faster Response

The faster you know about a crisis, the faster you can respond. Ruvna provides the fastest security response to everyone, everywhere.

School Security for Any Situation

Today’s schools face evolving safety risks: school shootings, bomb threats, violence, weather emergencies, and more. With Ruvna in the pocket of every staff member, your staff is always connected.

What else can you do with Ruvna?

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