Stop the spread in your school

Remarkably intuitive COVID-19 screening, tracking, and notifications for K-12 schools and districts.

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Open school with confidence

Screen students and staff to track the spread of COVID-19 and make sure anyone showing symptoms stays home.
Create Assessments
Track Symptoms
Set Assessment Frequency
Dynamic Instructions
Record Temperature at Dropoff
Check Chat
Make Informed Opening Decisions
Notify Families about Changes
Store Data Securely

Hassle-free screenings for everyone

Collect symptom assessments from students, staff, and visitors before they enter your school.

Surveys even the busiest parents will complete

No Logins, No Downloads

What's the best way to encourage parents and students to complete screenings every day? Make responding as easy as possible.

Automatically send texts and emails containing secure single-use links, enabling parents, students, faculty and staff to submit screenings with the click of a button.

Automatic Reminders
We all occassionally miss a text or email. Configure assessments to send automatic reminders to anyone who hasn't completed their screening within a time frame you define.

Get right to the point

After clicking on the link, parents and/or students can immediately complete a symptom screening which you configure. You choose the questions, we'll make sure everything is laid out properly so responding is easy.

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And More

Provide dynamic instructions based on responses

Configure your own rules so Ruvna can automatically instruct symptomatic students to stay home based on their screening response.

When someone is instructed to stay home from school, you'll see their information highlighted in your reports.


Avoid arrival frustration with Drop-Off Mode

You don't have to choose between screening every student and staff member prior to entry and having an efficient drop-off process.

No matter how many reminders you send, unscreened students may still come to school. Using Drop-Off Mode, you can prevent unscreened students from entering, without creating a bottleneck for everyone else.

Just Scan & Go

After completing a screening, students and staff are given a barcode to be scanned upon arrival. Scan to verify symptom-free students in <5 seconds, while preventing any unscreened students from entering.

Rapid Search by Name, Roster, & More
There are many reasons students may not have a QR code, like if a parent completed their screening or if the student doesn't have a smartphone. Ruvna Health makes it easy to locate and verify that any student is screened and symptom-free, even without a barcode.

**Drop-Off Mode is optional and can be enabled/disabled based on your school's or district's needs.


Make better decisions based on live data

Ensure 100% compliance from students, staff, & visitors
Know immediately if anyone in your school or district came to campus without being screened so you can take immediate action. Ruvna can even cross-reference compliance reports with your daily attenance data directly from your SIS.
Visualize your school's health at a glance
Understand how many students report specific symptoms each day, and how those trends are changing.
See early indicators
Identify potential spikes in symptoms earlier and take proper precautions.

Begin sending screenings now

Limited spots are available and filling fast, so a reservation system is in place to keep things fair and organized.
Here's how it works:
Click here to request a reservation. Provide basic information like when your 20/21 school year begins and what SIS you use. You will receive a link to track your reservation status automatically.
If we have any questions, or we need more information before approving your reservation request, we'll follow up via email.
Once approved, someone from the Ruvna team will reach out to go over your exact quote and answer any additional questions you or your team may have.
Then, finalize your reservation by putting down a refundable deposit. You can receive a full refund of your deposit up until you begin setting up Ruvna Health.
Once a spot opens up, Ruvna's implementation team will reach out to get your data and environment configured, help you set up your first survey templates, train appropriate members of your team, and help you test all necessary functionality.

Request a reservation

Secure your spot now. Speak with the Ruvna team about specific questions at anytime.

Schedule a consultation

Have a unique setup, or from a district with >10,000 students? Get in touch with us for custom options.


Cost will depend on factors such as the number of students in your school/district, and whether or not you are an existing Ruvna client. For an exact quote, get in touch with us.
Ruvna Health is perfect for any K-12 school or district - including public, private, boarding, and charter schools - who want to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 when they return to school this fall.
Your school/district will have the ability to determine how frequently to collect COVID-19 symptom tracking data. Ruvna will support sending health assessments automatically (such as daily or weekly), as well as sending assessments ad-hoc.

Ruvna's support team will work with your school/district to ensure assessments are only delivered to the appropriate students/families/staff. This could be based on attendance status criteria, or any other data available.

You can configure Ruvna Health to collect temperature by asking whether or not a student's temperature is above some threshold you set. We feel (in most cases) the speed improvements justify the this approach over asking someone to input their exact temperature. You can also decide if you want temperatures recorded at home, upon arrival, or both.

Disclaimer: Ruvna Health isn't a thermometer itself.

To get access to Ruvna Health, first request a reservation by clicking here. Then our team will review your application, following up with additional questions if necessary, and hopefully approving your request within a few days.

Once your request is approved, you will receive a detailed quote for the cost of implementing Ruvna Health, along with instructions to put down a refundable deposit. Once your deposit is received, your reservation is confirmed! You can requet a refund anytime prior to setting up Ruvna Health. It will also be at this point that you can setup a 1-on-1 call with a Ruvna implementation specialist to go over the specifics of your needs this fall.

After your reservation is confirmed and your deposit paid, the Ruvna team will reach out to complete payment and begin setting up Ruvna Health for your school/district.

You can use Ruvna Health to screen students, staff, faculty to make sure only symptom-free individuals enter campus. Visitor support coming soon.

Health screenings are unique in that most of their value is only achieved when everyone gets screened. Installing physical kiosks with which students interact each day for screenings introduces a bottleneck that slows down the arrival process for everyone, creates a surface that hundreds of students will touch (trust us - be skeptical about any vendor telling you their kiosks will perform reliable "touchless" facial recognition), and costs thousands of extra dollars that your school could otherwise save.

At Ruvna, we build systems that encourage mass adoption and remove barriers to compliance - like downloads, invasive tracking, parent logins, and more.

Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch