Real-Time Emergency Communication

Ruvna enables fluid, school-wide communication to help your school respond faster in the event of a crisis.

Notify Staff Immediately

Locate and Account for Everyone

Provide Clear Direction

Using Ruvna, teachers quickly check-in their students so everyone knows that they are safe.

Any additional students that join the classroom get checked-in as well, alerting the appropriate staff and personnel automatically.

Administrators follow along live to see exactly which students are safe, who has not been checked-in yet, and who might need help.

Get a real-time look inside your school just by having teachers take roll. Worry about securing your school, not walkie-talkies or clipboards.

Understand in seconds what currently requires hours

During a code red, Ruvna enables seamless communication throughout your entire school.

Account for your entire student body during lockdowns, active shooters, bomb threats, and more
Get notified about injured or ill students immediately and provide proper attention
Get classroom-level data without opening a single door during a shelter-in-place event
Differentiate between missing students and absent students automatically
Safely communicate vital information to all faculty and administrators
Analyze detailed reports after any event to identify procedure bottlenecks

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