Organized Reunification

After a crisis, reunite students with families using the same platform you use for notifications, drills, and messaging.

Reunification doesn’t have to mean hours of waiting.

The same technology that allows you to rapidly account for students during an emergency can help you coordinate student reunification.

Plus, since you’re already using the same Ruvna platform for your monthly safety drills, your staff will be comfortable and familiar when it comes time for reunification.

Reach Everyone, Everywhere

Link your school or district Twitter account directly in Ruvna.

Leave No One Behind

Ensure every single student goes home safely no matter what.

Automatic Audit Logs
Count on Ruvna to help you understand your team’s response with powerful data.

Having information reduces panic.

After a crisis, parents are eager to be reunited with their children. The chaos of having students spread between various sites and staff can make this process more challenging, leading to panic.

With Ruvna, your school/district will know the whereabouts of each student and which staff member checked them in. Ruvna will let you communicate with that staff member to bring the student to the correct location, notify the family, match the student, and track each action taken.

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