Unmatched School Support

When dealing with school safety, health, and vital communication, there is no room for failure.

Ruvna is committed to providing exceptional and unmatched support to every school on the platform.


We've got you covered

You can be confident that Ruvna will perform appropriately during whatever critical moments you could face.
Fantastic Training
Over 90% of schools and districts receive onsite faculty training. Our experts will make sure every teacher in your school is able to log in and knows how to use Ruvna during a crisis.
Personal Support
You need your security app to work, period. If something is wrong with your safety platform and you can't get someone on the phone, it's time to get a new safety platform.
Ruvna Community
Ruvna's user forums and knowledge base are filled with guides, conversations, and solutions to help your school get the most out of the platform.
Rich Integrations
During setup, you'll work with a dedicated Ruvna engineer to sync data from your SIS and any other applicable systems, even if we have to build a new integration.
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