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Ruvna offers proactive, personal, and thorough support to all of our schools. For free.

Your school takes security seriously, and you don’t have time to troubleshoot. Safety apps need to work. Period.

Ruvna takes pride in offering proactive, personal, and thorough support to all of our schools. Our technology and safety experts are standing by to ensure your school is safe, your principals and administrators are confident, and your teachers are prepared.

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Live Phone Support

All Ruvna subscriptions come with 24/7 priority phone support. If your school is running a fire drill and there’s a problem, you don’t have time to open up a support ticket. Give us a call anytime to speak to a live representative so your issue can be resolved immediately.

Our phone support is here and ready to answer your technical, billing, training, SIS syncing, and other questions. Reach us at (205) 73.RUVNA (205-737-8862)

Web & Email Support

Need a spare substitute account? Is there a custom report that we can make for you? Ruvna support is like emailing a close colleague – you can skip the formalities and tell us how we can make your school safer.

Teachers have easy access in Ruvna to get help from our web support team so that introducing Ruvna doesn’t have to mean more work for your IT teams. Ruvna support is happy to work with school principals, district administrators, teachers, and anyone else that you want.

Existing client? Reach Ruvna support at support@ruvna.com or by clicking here:

Onsite Safety Training

Ruvna’s Onsite Training program is the best way to get your teachers, administrators, and staff trained and ready to use Ruvna. Over 90% of our schools utilize onsite training, we really couldn’t recommend the program more. When it comes to safety and security, having staff bought in and onboard is critically important.

Onsite Training is a day-long program, with each session lasting only 45-minutes. That way, your school/district can schedule as many sessions during the day as you need to get all staff trained. Training sessions all end with a mock fire or lockdown drill to ensure all staff can login and are comfortable with using Ruvna during a crisis.

Status & Monitoring

A school safety app is only useful if it works. Most of Ruvna’s staff are technology professionals because more than anything, the best way to ensure staff love Ruvna is by making Ruvna easy and reliable to use. Schools use Ruvna in the moments that matter most – so we work hard to make sure Ruvna is up for the job.

We’re proud of our uptime (and our transparency) – you can see our record here.

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