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Introducing Ruvna

The all-in-one solution to care for your school community

Experience Ruvna, our tailor-made suite of software solutions designed specifically for K-12 schools, streamlining operations and fostering enhanced communication with families.

Embrace the robust capabilities of our full suite or select individual modules to suit your specific needs. Ruvna is here to provide a flexible, scalable solution to meet every school's operational demands.

Icons for Ruvna products like Attendance, Accountability, Announcements, and Visitor Management connecting to Ruvna.

Locate and account for students in real-time during emergencies

Ruvna Accountability equips you to handle crises and drills efficiently. Instantly notify your team, confirm student safety in real-time, send urgent panic signals, and readily access essential safety resources.

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Track and manage attendance with unmatched accuracy

With Ruvna Attendance, effortlessly track student and staff arrivals and departures in real-time. Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and embrace a smarter, more efficient approach to attendance management.

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Send mass notifications to your entire school community

Ruvna Announcements is the dependable, user-friendly tool for fostering strong, transparent communication within your educational community.

Send branded, multi-channel messages in seconds, so you reach the right people at the right moment, every time.

Announcements features
Visitor Management

Secure your campus with visitor management

Ruvna's Visitor Management is a key tool for educational institutions seeking to streamline their campus visitor tracking and enhance security.

Designed for simplicity and efficiency, it ensures a safer, more welcoming environment for all, making it a timeless addition to school safety protocols.

Visitor Management features
Icons for Ruvna products like Attendance, Accountability, Announcements, and Visitor Management connecting to Ruvna.Accountability mobile screenshotsAttendance screenshtosAnnouncements featuresVisitor Management features
Why Ruvna

A modern approach to keeping school safe

Built just for schools

Your safety solution should conform to your school, not the other way around. Ruvna is built to address the specific needs K-12 schools and districts.

Constantly improving

We release countless features and improvements to help you stay ahead of industry shifts and address new challenges.

Proven reliability

Our systems operate with 99.99%+ uptime and are highly scalable and redundant. You can be confident that Ruvna will have your back during whatever critical moments you could face.

Unmatched support

You need your security app to work, period. If something is wrong with your safety platform and you can't get someone on the phone, it's time to get a new safety platform.


Our integration team is ready for complexity

Work with Ruvna’s exceptional school data specialists to integrate your student information system and ensure student, staff, roster, parent, attendance, and other data are synced.

We work with you to craft a system that meets your school’s unique technical and safety needs. From official API integrations with our SIS partners to fully custom SFTP solutions, and everything in-between, Ruvna’s unparalleled approach can help protect your school.

Best in class support

We specialize in delivering mission-critical solutions for schools. Our technology is exceptional, but it’s our service that truly sets us apart.

When you need support, you’ll work with a qualified Ruvna expert who will strive to address your problem quickly and professionally. Ruvna’s friendly support team is standing by whether you have a quick question or a nuanced technical issue.

1 hour
Average response time
Support satisfaction

The school management platform leaders love

Schools and districts of all types and sizes rely on Ruvna to account for students during crises, communicate with families, and more.

“It made my job easier because any faculty member was able to mark any student or fellow colleague as safe. When we have relocated 1,100+ people, this particular aspect cannot be overstated.”
“Without Ruvna, I do not know how we could have possibly tracked the safety of everyone”
“The training was excellent and you are one of the few companies that actually deliver more than promised.”
Case Studies

See how real schools get results from Ruvna

Accountability + Attendance

See how Tower Hill streamlined daily operations

Staff account for 300+ students in sixty seconds during drills, and reclaim 100 hours of learning with five-minute daily attendance.


How Top Schools have Mastered Security

Learn how to solve safety challenges by prioritizing both safety and efficiency - leverage the digital age to keep your students safe.

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