Communicate During School Emergencies and Drills

Complete accountability during school emergencies.

Ruvna replaces your paper and clipboard rosters during times of crisis. No app downloads required.

Video: What is Ruvna?

Gain Complete Accountability

Follow along live as teachers use Ruvna to take attendance during a crisis. Any faculty member can check-in any student, helping you achieve 100% student accountability.

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Remain Connected with Faculty

Send critical information to your entire team in an instant. Empower your entire staff to communicate seamlessly – no more walkie-talkie troubles.

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Support Student Needs

Dispatch help immediately when any student requires attention. Keep law enforcement, first responders, and administration up-to-date at all times.

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Make your school safer today

  • “Ruvna Smartphone App Wants To Protect Schools in Shootings”
  • “The guys from Ruvna were passionate about their project and bringing it to market”
    LARGO Security Consulting
  • “A product that easily allows teachers and school administrators to account for students in the case of a school emergency.”
  • “Ruvna Takes Clipboards Out of School Emergencies”
    EdTech Times
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