Visitor management for modern schools

Effortlessly control and track visitor access for enhanced campus security and peace of mind.

Streamline Visitor Registration

Faster, smoother, and simpler visitor arrivals.

Enable visitors to effortlessly register themselves using iPads equipped with the Ruvna Kiosk app, seek assistance from a staff member at reception, or opt for a blend of both methods for added flexibility and convenience.

License Scanning

Visitors can quickly scan their driver's license for faster processing.

Kiosk with ID Scanning

Personalized Visitor Badges

Print badges directly from Ruvna, complete with the visitor’s photo, name, arrival and departure times, and your school's logo.

Visitor badge

Photo Capture

Take and store photos of visitors for enhanced security.

Customizable Form

Choose the details you want to gather from each visitor.

Optional Add-On

Background Checks

Ruvna's background checks feature is an integral part of ensuring the safety and security of your school community.

Advanced Screening

Cross-reference visitor information with comprehensive databases to screen for registered sex offenders and other criminals.

Discretion in Mind

Ruvna's background checks are designed to add an extra layer of protection without compromising your school's welcoming atmosphere.

Potential Match Alerts

Get notified of potential matches for manual review, ensuring the safety of your campus.

Fits Into Processes

Checks can be conducted either in advance of a visitor's arrival or at the point of check-in.

Background check

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