Download the Ruvna Student App

Download the Ruvna Student app to access your digital ID and check-in for daily attendance.

Download for Android

Requires Android 5.0 or higher

Download for iOS

Requires iOS 15 or higher

Kiosk with ID Scanning

Checking-in with your ID

Your school may issue you an ID card for you to scan at entry kiosks. You can also download the Ruvna Student app to access your digital ID. You can use either type of ID to check-in.

  • Find a kiosk

    Find an entry kiosk at your school.

  • Scan your ID

    Hold the barcode on your ID up to the kiosk until you see the screen change. You can use either your digital ID or your school ID card.

  • Confirmation

    Once you see the confirmation, you've been marked present for the day.

Screenshot of student app

Checking-in with your location

Your school may allow you to skip the kiosks in the morning and check-in using your location instead. Using your location to check-in is always optional; you can choose to scan your ID at a kiosk instead.

  • Open the app

    Open the Ruvna Student app on your smartphone when you arrive at school.

  • Verify your location

    The app will confirm that you're at school using your GPS location.

  • Check-in

    The check-in button appears automatically once you are at school. Click the check-in button once it appears.