Emergency management for schools

Cut drill times in half and elevate your safety response with Ruvna Accountability.

Accountability screenshots

Gain complete accountability

Follow live as teachers use Ruvna to take attendance during drills, emergencies, and any event your school may face. Any faculty member can check-in any student, helping you achieve 100% accountability.

Save precious minutes

Accountability helps you move faster and reduce errors. Looking for red cards during a drill or checking emails during a lockdown are things of the past.

Keep your team informed

Real-time updates, notifications, and group-wide messaging help your team stay connected, streamline communications, and keep your community safe.

How it works

Navigate any crisis from start to finish

Deliver instant alerts

Notify your entire team about emergencies and drills via text, email, and push notifications.

Everyone takes roll

Using rosters synced from your SIS, teachers can identify the students who are safe. Ruvna shows you who is missing in real-time.

Identify and find anyone missing

During emergencies, Ruvna's robust tracking system helps you quickly locate and account for individuals, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Send the all-clear message

Once everyone is accounted for, efficiently communicate the situation to your team through an all-clear message that provides reassurance and updates.

Real-time crisis attendance

Staff mark students safe using their roster or any colleague’s roster, all synced from the SIS.

When everyone can access the same critical information, you never have to question where anyone is, who they're with, and whether or not they're safe. Even when things change fast, your entire team will see live updates.

Seamless group-wide messaging

Share critical information with your team with group-wide messaging. Send instructions, answer questions, make decisions, and more.

School administrator private chat

School administrators have a private chat area for more sensitive discussions. Teachers can send messages to this chat, without viewing administrators’ discrete conversations.

Group wide messaging demo
Student self check-in

Student Self Check-In

Sometimes students are on their own–but still safe. Students can check themselves in when they're off-site, studying independently, out to lunch, etc.

When a student checks themselves in, administrators, first responders, and the student's teacher get an instant update about the student’s safety.

Trusted by schools everywhere

The safest schools rely on Ruvna

"Without Ruvna, I do not know how we could have possibly tracked the safety of everyone while also being able to send messages to all of the adults involved to stay organized."

Kevin J

Dean of Students, Xavier College Prep

"Our unexpected fire drill last Friday was completed in 4 minutes - and this was at lunchtime and with a large group of non students and parents on campus!"

Celeste C

Principal, St. Mary's Elementary

Unlock advanced safety features

From panic signals to customizable access control, Ruvna offers comprehensive tools for streamlined accountability and enhanced school safety. Experience peace of mind with every emergency or drill. 

Panic signals

Faculty and staff can send a panic signal, immediately notifying administrators via text, email, and push notification. Once received, an administrator can decide whether or not to start a campus-wide event.

Safety documents & resources

Admins can upload documents or add them as links into Ruvna, so your team can access your safety plan, maps, & more at all times from any device.

Granular access control

With Ruvna's granular access control, administrators can assign varying permissions to users. This allows admins to make user-by-user decisions about who can initiate, conclude, and manage events. 

View by roster, grade, or name

If a teacher forgets their device, they can use any colleague's device to check-in their students. Each staff member in Ruvna can view all rosters, see all students by grade, and search for students by name. 

District and multi-campus support

Customize your setup, whether you have multiple facilities running events at once, or separate campuses with unique needs.

Single sign-on

Your team can login using existing authentication credentials, so they can move faster without remembering another password. 

Scheduled drills

Ensure safety and efficiency with scheduled drills. Set drills to begin at preferred dates and times, and they’ll run automatically with no extra work from you. 

Student self check-in

Student Self Check-In helps you gain 100% accountability even when students are on their own. Via text message, students receive one-time-use links, eliminating the need for accounts or prior knowledge. Effortless and inclusive check-ins for everyone.

Browser & native app support

Access Ruvna via browser, iOS and Android. During drills and emergencies, Ruvna uses text messages and browser links to ensure accessibility for everyone with a device. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question listed here? Get in touch with our team and we'll be happy to help.

Can Ruvna check in staff during drills and emergencies too?

Yes! We know when staff members are active in Ruvna, and if they become active during an emergency we check them in as well. Users that do not become active are also displayed to administrators/law enforcement and can be manually checked in.

What if a teacher doesn't have their phone?

Any device that connects to the internet can be used with Ruvna. Any computer, tablet, or cell phone will work. If a teacher doesn’t have their device, any other accessible (like a student’s phone) is sufficient. In the unlikely event that no one in a class has a device, any other Ruvna user can change their view on their device to become another teacher’s roster, and use that for checking students in.

How do I know who is missing?

Using Ruvna, teachers quickly check-in their students so everyone knows that they are safe.

Any additional students that join the classroom get checked-in as well, alerting the appropriate staff and personnel automatically.

Administrators follow along live to see exactly which students are safe, who has not been checked-in yet, and who might need help.

TL;DR - Ruvna uses "process of elimination" to show you a live snapshot of who is missing at all times during an event.

What if a student isn't with their scheduled teacher?

Without Ruvna, that student’s teacher (along with the school) likely wouldn’t know where the student is, or even that the student is missing. With Ruvna, if the student is with a different staff member, their teacher will receive a notification letting them know the student is safe. If the student is not with another staff member, they will be one of the “remaining students”, and displayed immediately to administrators and law enforcement to be found.

Schools can also utilize Student Self Check-In to send students single-use links which let them check-in or get help without logging into an account or requiring any prior training with Ruvna at all.

How do you account for absent students or roster changes?

Ruvna syncs teachers, rosters, and attendance data from your SIS daily. We’ll automatically account for absent students so you don't waste precious time looking for them during an emergency.