Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do users log in to Ruvna?

Ruvna integrates in with your school’s existing authentication infrastructure. Teachers log in with their existing credentials rather than learning new credentials specifically for Ruvna.

What devices work with Ruvna?

You can use any internet-connected device to access Ruvna! Computers (Mac or PC), tablets, cell phones, and more! Teachers need to be able to check-in their students no matter what device is closest.

Does Ruvna integrate with my SIS?

Ruvna works with virtually every Student Information System! Ruvna’s technical team works with your school, SIS vendor, and 3rd party integrators to make sure data flows seamlessly between your SIS and Ruvna.

What if a student isn’t with their teacher?

Without Ruvna, that student’s teacher (along with the school) likely wouldn’t know where the student is, or even that the student is missing. With Ruvna, if the student is with a different staff member, their teacher will receive a notification letting them know the student is safe. If the student is not with another staff member, they will be one of the “remaining students”, and displayed immediately to administrators and law enforcement to be found.

What if a teacher doesn’t have their phone?

Any device that connects to the internet can be used with Ruvna. Any computer, tablet, or cell phone will work. If a teacher doesn’t have their device, any other accessible (like a student’s phone) is sufficient. In the unlikely event that no one in a class has a device, any other Ruvna user can change their view on their device to become another teacher’s roster, and use that for checking students in.

Can Ruvna be used to check in staff in addition to students?

Yes! We know when staff members are active in Ruvna, and if they become active during an emergency we check them in as well. Users that do not become active are also displayed to administrators/law enforcement and can be manually checked in.

Who has access to check in students?

You have complete control to grant the right to check in students. Within Ruvna, you decide exactly which users have the ability to check in students, see remaining students, and initiate/end emergencies.

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