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Questions about the Ruvna Suite overall.

It's a completely made up word! But was an available 5-letter domain which teachers could easily type into their browsers during a crisis, so it became our name. We try to make everything, even down to our name, an intentional choice to help schools when it matters most.
We say "roov-nah", but if you schedule a demo you can pronounce it however you'd like!
Ruvna works with virtually every Student Information System. Ruvna’s technical team works with your school, SIS vendor, and 3rd party integrators to make sure data flows seamlessly between your SIS and Ruvna.
Yes! Ruvna is a certified Secure Sync Partner with Clever. If your school/district syncs your SIS data with Clever, getting up and running with Ruvna has never been easier.
Ruvna is incredibly secure. As a safety platform, Ruvna takes security very seriously. All traffic is encrypted via HTTPS/SSL. Data is completely isolated between schools and encrypted to prevent tampering. We never share data with 3rd parties. Ever. Ruvna maintains compliance with FERPA and COPPA, and doesn’t use GPS tracking of any kind.
Ruvna is available exclusively to K-12 schools and districts in the United States.
Yes! While the Ruvna Suite bundle offers the best value, subscriptions for Accountability, Attendance, Announcements, and Health are also available à la carte.


Check students in and out of school in order to paint an amazingly accurate picture of who is on-site at any given time.

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Ruvna Attendance simplifies the attendance tracking process by recording student arrivals and departures using a mobile app or web-based interface. This allows teachers to save time and reduce the amount of manual data entry required for attendance tracking.
Ruvna Attendance provides several benefits for schools, including:
  • Streamlined attendance tracking process
  • Improved data accuracy and reliability
  • Enhanced communication with staff members
  • Automated data syncing with the school's Student Information System (SIS)
  • Real-time attendance reports and analytics
Yes, Ruvna Attendance can integrate with a wide range of SIS platforms, including Veracross, Blackbaud, Alma, Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, Clever, ClassLink and more to keep your data in Ruvna up-to-date. In the case of Blackbaud and Veracross, Ruvna can automatically sync attendance data back to your SIS as well. This reduces the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.
Ruvna Attendance does not currently offer direct parent access to attendance data. However, schools can use Ruvna Attendance to automate communication to parents about their student's attendance. This can include sending automatic attendance reports or notifications to parents when their child is marked absent or tardy. Ruvna also offers a range of other features and capabilities for schools to improve attendance tracking, communication, and data management.
Yes, Ruvna Attendance is designed to be flexible and adaptable to different learning models, including remote and hybrid learning. Teachers can take attendance remotely using the Ruvna app or web-based interface, and attendance data can be automatically synced back to the SIS.

Ruvna Attendance allows students to check in using their location via the mobile app, but the location data never leaves their device. School personnel can only see whether or not a student has checked-in, but not where they are. The location data is used solely for attendance tracking purposes and is not shared with anyone outside of the school's designated personnel. It is also entirely up to the school whether or not to enable this feature and up to the student whether or not to use it.


Crisis management app enabling schools to communicate and locate students in real-time during emergencies and drills.

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Yes! We know when staff members are active in Ruvna, and if they become active during an emergency we check them in as well. Users that do not become active are also displayed to administrators/law enforcement and can be manually checked in.
Any device that connects to the internet can be used with Ruvna. Any computer, tablet, or cell phone will work. If a teacher doesn’t have their device, any other accessible (like a student’s phone) is sufficient. In the unlikely event that no one in a class has a device, any other Ruvna user can change their view on their device to become another teacher’s roster, and use that for checking students in.

Using Ruvna, teachers quickly check-in their students so everyone knows that they are safe.

Any additional students that join the classroom get checked-in as well, alerting the appropriate staff and personnel automatically.

Administrators follow along live to see exactly which students are safe, who has not been checked-in yet, and who might need help.

TL;DR - Ruvna uses "process of elimination" to show you a live snapshot of who is missing at all times during an event.

Without Ruvna, that student’s teacher (along with the school) likely wouldn’t know where the student is, or even that the student is missing. With Ruvna, if the student is with a different staff member, their teacher will receive a notification letting them know the student is safe. If the student is not with another staff member, they will be one of the “remaining students”, and displayed immediately to administrators and law enforcement to be found.
Schools can also utilize Student Self Check-In to send students single-use links which let them check-in or get help without logging into an account or requiring any prior training with Ruvna at all.
Staff receive notifications in three ways – text message (SMS), email, and push notification. These notifications can be delivered to staff when an emergency/drill starts, ends, or when a new message is received.

No. For all of the ways schools can and should be safer, we don't think there's a systemic issue of not being able to call 911 fast enough. We do, however, see time and time again that communication breaks down in schools during times of crisis, and it can be impossible to know who is safe and who needs help.

Schools often create accounts for local law enforcement officers so they can access Ruvna during a crisis and quickly direct their attention to those who need help.


Send mass notifications to parents, teachers, and students in seconds.

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Yes! When drafting an Announcement which includes phone calls, you can choose to record your own call audio.
Yes! When drafting an Announcement which includes phone calls, you can use text-to-speech synthesis to create the call message. During the initial setup process, you'll work with Ruvna's engineers to make sure the text-to-speech engine pronounces your school's/district's name properly.

Ruvna integrates directly with your Student Information System (SIS) to sync parent, student, and staff data. Ruvna is also compatible with Clever, ClassLink, and OneRoster.

To find out if your SIS is compatible, get in touch.

Unlike many other platforms, in most cases, Ruvna does not require parents to go through an additional opt-in process to begin receiving Announcements. However, you are required to have received consent from parents to send them text messages.
You can give any staff member in your school/district the authority to send Announcements.
Yes! Our team will work with you to properly setup DKIM/SPF verification prior to Ruvna sending any emails on behalf of your school's domain. If DKIM/SPF verification is not possible, you can send Announcements from a Ruvna email address with a custom "reply-to" property.


Mitigate the spread of COVID-19 with health symptom assessments, tracking, and more.

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Cost will depend on factors such as the number of students in your school/district, and whether or not you are an existing Ruvna client. For an exact quote, get in touch with us.
Ruvna Health is perfect for any K-12 school or district - including public, private, boarding, and charter schools - who want to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 when they return to school in-person.
Your school/district will have the ability to determine how frequently to collect COVID-19 symptom tracking data. Ruvna will support sending health assessments automatically (such as daily or weekly), as well as sending assessments ad-hoc.

Ruvna's support team will work with your school/district to ensure assessments are only delivered to the appropriate students/families/staff. This could be based on attendance status criteria, or any other data available.

You can configure Ruvna Health to collect temperature by asking whether or not a student's temperature is above some threshold you set. We feel (in most cases) the speed improvements justify the this approach over asking someone to input their exact temperature. You can also decide if you want temperatures recorded at home, upon arrival, or both.

Disclaimer: Ruvna Health isn't a thermometer itself.

To get access to Ruvna Health, get in touch with us by clicking here.

A specialist will help you consider whether Ruvna makes sense for your school, and if so, navigate you through the setup process.

You can use Ruvna Health to screen students, staff, faculty to make sure only symptom-free individuals enter campus. Visitors are not supported at this time.

Health screenings are unique in that most of their value is only achieved when everyone gets screened. Installing physical kiosks with which students interact each day for screenings introduces a bottleneck that slows down the arrival process for everyone, creates a surface that hundreds of students will touch (trust us - be skeptical about any vendor telling you their kiosks will perform reliable "touchless" facial recognition), and costs thousands of extra dollars that your school could otherwise save.

At Ruvna, we build systems that encourage mass adoption and remove barriers to compliance - like downloads, invasive tracking, parent logins, and more.