Save hours on attendance–no spreadsheets required

Ruvna gives school leaders a complete picture of daily building attendance with actionable dashboards and stress-free student sign-in.

Perfect attendance, really.

For school leaders who need an up-to-the-minute, accurate picture of student attendance, Ruvna offers the most convenient and stress-free solution available.

In & Out Tracking

From arrival to dismissal, and everything in between.

Digital Student IDs

Fully whitelabeled in your school's branding.

GPS Check-In

Prevent traffic at kiosks and improve student compliance.

Custom Rules & Schedules

Define how statuses and codes are applied at different times.

Automatic Parent Outreach

Send targeted, personalized emails made from powerful templates.

Absence Trends

Identify and address potential issues faster and with more confidence.

A perfect snapshot of who’s on-site

Manage your building with clarity as you track arrivals and departures live from the Attendance Dashboard. It’s always up-to-date, no refreshing necessary.

Find and fix conflicts

When students’ attendance status is unexpected, Ruvna notifies you immediately. This helps you fix an error or find a student ASAP.

Address issues confidently

Spot and address issues early, backed by robust data on the Attendance Dashboard. You’ll see issues in Ruvna before you hear about them over the phone.

Attendance dashboard
Attendance record summaryExpected arrival summaryDeparture summary

Clarity and confidence in daily attendance

Ruvna Attendance cures morning chaos for students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Parent notes and scheduled absences help staff plan ahead and prevent time wasted tracking down students.

Ruvna automatically syncs changes to students' attendance back to your SIS. This reduces errors caused by manual entry.

Since attendance gets captured as soon as students arrive, there's no need to wait for (or chase down) teachers to submit attendance.

Like an automated assistant for your staff 

Attendance happens daily. When you automate tasks with Ruvna, you give staff their time back–every day

From sending emails on autopilot to making rules-based decisions, Attendance helps your organization finish attendance faster, so everyone can get on with their day.

Automate repetitive tasks with rules

Want to mark a student “Tardy'' when they arrive after 9:00AM? Ruvna can do that with no extra work from you. Set custom rules for specific days as needed. Save hours throughout the year.

Simplify parent outreach

Save attendance staff’s time, quickly address issues, and keep parents in the know. Send common emails faster with easy-to-make templates. Customize email content with relevant student, date, attendance, and user information.

Custom rules
Student Check In

Capture the attendance data you need as soon as students walk on-site.

Our sign-in technology draws on years of experience accounting for students during emergencies. Forgot an ID? No smartphone? No problem. Your students get a seamless arrival process, every day.

Digital student ID

Digital IDs

Using their smartphone, students can scan the barcode on their Digital ID once they arrive at school to be checked-in for the day.


Secure GPS Check In

Students can allow Ruvna to use their location to check whether or not they've reached school. Once on-site, students can check-in with the push of a button.

Printed student ID

Printed IDs

Ruvna attendance kiosks are compatible with most barcode formats, so students’ existing ID badges will likely work with Ruvna.

Teacher input attendance


You can allow teachers to take attendance on behalf of their class, which is more common with younger students.

Schools are saving time with Attendance

"Switching to Ruvna Attendance has been a seamless and impressive experience. The user-friendly interface and real-time updates have significantly improved our attendance tracking process. It has become an invaluable asset to our school!"

Patrick Clemens

Director of Technology,
Scranton Preparatory School

"Ruvna flexibly empowers students across grades K-12 to check themselves in each day. Tower Hill leverages several check-in options offered by Ruvna to make attendance more efficient, while still meeting students where they are based on age."

Joe Coughlin

Campus Security Director,
Tower Hill School

Perfect attendance is just a tap away.

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How does Ruvna Attendance work?

Ruvna Attendance simplifies the attendance tracking process by recording student arrivals and departures using a mobile app or web-based interface. This allows teachers to save time and reduce the amount of manual data entry required for attendance tracking.

What are the benefits of using Ruvna Attendance?

Ruvna Attendance provides several benefits for schools, including:
- Streamlined attendance tracking process
- Improved data accuracy and reliability
- Enhanced communication with staff members
- Automated data syncing with the school's Student Information System (SIS)
- Real-time attendance reports and analytics

Can Ruvna Attendance integrate with my school's Student Information System (SIS)?

Yes, Ruvna Attendance can integrate with a wide range of SIS platforms, including Veracross, Blackbaud, Alma, Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, Clever, ClassLink and more to keep your data in Ruvna up-to-date. In the case of Blackbaud and Veracross, Ruvna can automatically sync attendance data back to your SIS as well. This reduces the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.

Can parents access attendance data through Ruvna Attendance?

Ruvna Attendance does not currently offer direct parent access to attendance data. However, schools can use Ruvna Attendance to automate communication to parents about their student's attendance. This can include sending automatic attendance reports or notifications to parents when their child is marked absent or tardy. Ruvna also offers a range of other features and capabilities for schools to improve attendance tracking, communication, and data management.

Can Ruvna Attendance be used for remote or hybrid learning?

Yes, Ruvna Attendance is designed to be flexible and adaptable to different learning models, including remote and hybrid learning. Teachers can take attendance remotely using the Ruvna app or web-based interface, and attendance data can be automatically synced back to the SIS.

Does Ruvna Attendance track student GPS location?

Ruvna Attendance allows students to check in using their location via the mobile app, but the location data never leaves their device. School personnel can only see whether or not a student has checked-in, but not where they are. The location data is used solely for attendance tracking purposes and is not shared with anyone outside of the school's designated personnel. It is also entirely up to the school whether or not to enable this feature and up to the student whether or not to use it.

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