School announcements that just work

Rapid and reliable communication with students, staff, and families.

Ruvna Announcements

Take school notifications to the next level

Announcements are the easiest and most reliable way for schools to communicate with stakeholders both inside and outside the building.

Send across multiple channels

Send your announcements as text messages, emails, and phone calls so that your audience sees your content in any situation.

Track opens, clicks, voicemails, and more

Be informed about how your audience engages with the message. Track your Announcement to know when recipients open and even click within your content.

Flexible groups and audiences

Specify the students in a group and Ruvna will automatically link their parents (and teachers). If basketball practice is canceled, Ruvna makes it simple to contact the team's parents.

Scheduled sends and drafts

Prepare drafts ahead of time so that when you need to get the word out, any authorized user can press send, or schedule it to be delivered automatically at your desired date & time. Edit or cancel scheduled Announcements up until they are sent.

Write once, deliver everywhere

Ruvna intelligently crafts your content into appropriate emails, text messages, and phone calls. Just specify which parts of your content are critical so Ruvna can make sure your entire audience is informed regardless of the channel.

Flexible Phone Calls

Craft calls in Ruvna using either our text-to-speech synthesis or by recording your own voice.

Add Attachments

Include attachments like permission forms, documents, and more, right in your Announcement.

Announcements features
Announcement draft

Streamline parent engagement

Keep your community up to date about everything from late busses to severe weather. Write your message once and let Announcements handle the logistics of delivery and engagement.

Weather Delays

Event Reminders

Staff Messages

PTA Memos

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Don't see your question listed? Our team will be happy to answer any questions you and your team may have.

Can I record my own voice for phone call messages?

Yes! When drafting an Announcement which includes phone calls, you can choose to record your own call audio.

Can I use computer-generated speech for phone call messages?

Yes! When drafting an Announcement which includes phone calls, you can use text-to-speech synthesis to create the call message. During the initial setup process, you'll work with Ruvna's engineers to make sure the text-to-speech engine pronounces your school's/district's name properly.

How do parents, students, and staff sync into Ruvna?

Ruvna integrates directly with your Student Information System (SIS) to sync parent, student, and staff data. Ruvna is also compatible with Clever, ClassLink, and OneRoster.

Do parents have to opt-in in order to receive Announcements?

Unlike many other platforms, in most cases, Ruvna does not require parents to go through an additional opt-in process to begin receiving Announcements. However, you are required to have received consent from parents to send them text messages.

Who has the ability to send Announcements?

You can give any staff member in your school/district the authority to send Announcements.

Does Ruvna support DKIM/SPF?

Yes! Our team will work with you to properly setup DKIM/SPF verification prior to Ruvna sending any emails on behalf of your school's domain. If DKIM/SPF verification is not possible, you can send Announcements from a Ruvna email address with a custom "reply-to" property.