About Us

School management is about more than control and compliance

It’s about putting community at the heart of daily operations like attendance, communication, and safety. At Ruvna, we build solutions to help leaders make that vision a reality.

Innovative solutions with a personal touch

We build best-in-class technology, and pair it with personalized, caring support.

Through seamless experiences for your whole community, we bring ease to your day-to-day, and comfort during crises. As our customers say, Ruvna’s technology just works.

Where it all started

Ruvna was founded by three people with a passion for improving school operations. High school friends Joey Nutinsky and Jack Ruppel started a project that grew into Ruvna. When Joey met Marshall Singer in college, the trio began building Ruvna in its current form. Now,  Joey, Jack, and Marshall work daily to build innovative solutions for schools’ most pressing problems.

Ruvna team
Tower hill school
Success Story

How Tower Hill streamlined daily operations

We love sharing stories of schools who've transformed their operations. Learn how Tower Hill leverages Ruvna to speed up drills, and reclaim hours of learning through more efficient daily attendance.

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The comprehensive solution for school management.


Locate and account for students in real-time during emergencies


Track and manage attendance with unmatched accuracy


Send mass notifications to your entire school community


Enhance campus security with streamlined visitor access