Streamline attendance tracking with Ruvna

Track student arrivals and departures live. No spreadsheets required.

Perfect attendance, really.

For school leaders who need an up-to-the-minute, accurate picture of student attendance, Ruvna offers the most convenient and stress-free solution available.

In & Out Tracking

From arrival to dismissal, and everything in between.

Digital Student IDs

Fully whitelabeled in your school's branding.

GPS Check-In

Prevent traffic at kiosks and improve student compliance.

Custom Rules & Schedules

Define how statuses and codes are applied at different times.

Automatic Parent Outreach

Send targeted, personalized emails made from powerful templates.

Absence Trends

Identify and address potential issues faster and with more confidence.

There’s a better way to manage student attendance

Ruvna Attendance can drastically reduce the time spent chasing down teachers to submit attendance, reconciling notes from parents with student records, and following up with families when their student isn’t where you expect them to be.

Manage arrivals, dismissals, and everything in between

Since arrivals and departures happen within Ruvna, we're able to always know which students are on-site. Plus, your attendance dashboard in Ruvna is always live and up-to-date, no refreshing necessary.


Automate repetitive tasks with rules

Rules are how interactions like "arrived at 9:30am" can result in a status of "Tardy" without any extra work on your part. Schools can set up multiple rulesets which can be applied when appropriate.


Automate parent outreach

Save attendance staff’s time, quickly address issues, and keep parents in the know. Send personalized emails, either individually or in bulk, to parents with information about their students' attendance in just a few clicks.


Create custom templates to speed up sending common emails


Include variables in emails to customize the content with relevant student, date, attendance, and user information


Gain confidence when dealing with student attendance issues

Identify and address attendance issues early and with more confidence backed by conveniently displayed attendance data on the Attendance Dashboard.

Student Check-In

Capture the attendance data you need as soon as students walk on-site.

We’ve drawn on our years of experience accounting for students during emergencies to ensure that neither a forgotten ID nor a lack of smartphone will get in the way of a seamless arrival process each morning.
Supported check-in methods


Students can allow Ruvna to use their location to check whether or not they've reached school. Once on-site, students can check-in with the push of a button.

Digital ID

Using their smartphone, students can scan the barcode on their Digital ID once they arrive at school to be checked-in for the day.

Traditional (Printed) ID

Ruvna attendance kiosks are compatible with most common barcode formats, making it likely that ID badges already in students' hands will work as-is with Ruvna.


You can also allow teachers to take attendance on behalf of their class (more applicable to younger students, of course).

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Proudly Private & Secure

Ruvna Attendance was built with an extreme focus on privacy.

  • Students' location data never leaves their device , is not stored, and cannot be seen by anyone
  • Built-in protections against pass screenshotting and sharing
  • Data is secured by strong AES-256 encryption

We school data

Ruvna integrates with your school's SIS to seamlessly sync your student, teacher, staff, parent/guardian, roster, and attendance data.


Ruvna offers integrations with many common SIS APIs, for example Blackbaud and Veracross.

Clever & OneRoster

Ruvna supports syncing data through Clever and ClassLink, as well as standards like OneRoster.


Accurate data is critical, so Ruvna supports custom data sources as well when you need it.

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